"Danielle's flow was great...it allowed me to relax and enjoy the massage!! Thank you!" - Tom S. 

"I swear you leave the room once I'm face down and someone probably named Helga comes in! You are surprisingly strong and work with such purpose. It's absolutely wonderful!" - Chris H. 

"The best I've ever had" - Heather L.

"I am very impressed with Danielle! She has a gifted touch!" - James D.

"Excellent! Especially the constant body contact throughout the massage - I really appreciate that. Great foot massage. Really enjoyed that also! Your attention to detail is noticed and appreciated. Thank you!" - Nick T.

"You put me to sleep and I feel amazing afterwards!" - Nelson V. 

Massage Class Reviews:

“We left the class feeling super relaxed and more confident about applying the techniques we learned at home. It was so helpful to learn how to give a great massage without tiring ourselves out in the process.” - Sam P.

“Yes– we definitely got a lot out of it and would love more! The techniques are easy to lean and were manageable for one session. It makes you feel empowered to do it again!” - Mary B.

“Danielle has been very exceptional in every aspect of massage. I have been using massage therapy since 1991 and Danielle is one of the best I have experienced. It has been so healing for all of my ailments.” - Gerald S.

“I first met Danielle after my wife purchased a Groupon massage for me. I am not a frequent flyer when it comes to massages. In fact at 45 I have had only around 30 professional massages– NEVER from the same person twice. Honestly I have never spoken once the massage started but felt at ease and Danielle made it comfortable to speak. Well, five minuets into my hour long treatment I was asking to schedule the next one. Danielle really took interest in me and why I was there and what were my areas of concern. Seriously, after many massages and countless chiropractic adjustments and treatments I was still taking pain meds and anti-inflammatory drugs daily for years to treat (cover up) my neck and shoulder pain. Today I am 6 weeks into massages and have had only 4 thus far. After the first one I noticed little to no pain and after the second one I have been pain free, thus not taking meds for this at all since the first massage. Danielle has really focused on what I said and treated the root cause of my pain very successfully. I cannot recommend her any higher. Do not hesitate to get a massage or take a training class from her. She has been nothing short of spectacular with the information she has provided to me and employing various techniques within the same massage to aggressively eliminate my pain. I find Danielle to be very well trained, passionate and someone who truly cares about and for her clients.” - Rob L.

"Asks you in a very gentle voice, ‘where do you hurt’ and she takes it from there. You do not feel nervous or scared of her massages. She is so very personable, makes you feel so relaxed, you just want to sleep and go to dreamland, when she’s done! I love this lady and so will you! I wish her well and the very best!” - Maryann L. 

What my clients say:

Danielle J. Pukala, LMT, BCTM, CES

Massage Therapy & Wellness