Relaxation Massage

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Get a massage for yourself and your partner, another family member or even a friend! 

-One 75 min massage each

for 2 people

Chair massage is performed in a specially designed chair with your clothes on. It is excellent for relaxation and more! 

-20 min

An uber-relaxing full body Swedish massage with 15 min. of meditation (guided or unguided) at the start to get you in the right mindset, followed up with a special relaxation drink.  

-90 min

Duo Massage Workshop

​- Buy 6 sessions get 1 free

- Buy 8 sessions get 2 free 

Integrative massage utilizing many techniques, like Deep Tissue, Medical, Trigger Point, Myofascial and Thai massage, focusing on specific problem areas. 

-75 min

-105 min

Bliss Massage

Relaxation/ Therapeutic Packages

Therapeutic Massage

Having a special event or planning a party? Wow your guests with something really special! Chair massage is a great way to thank your guests and they'll love you for it! Table massage is available for certain occasions as well.  Holidays, birthdays, graduations, weddings, girls-night-in, you name it!

Corporate/Office Massage

Chair Massage

Gift Certificates available!

Want a massage at your place of work? What better way to take a break than to get a stress-busting and rejuvenating massage? Many studies have shown the benefits of getting a short massage while in the workplace. Higher productivity, lower stress levels and overall higher satisfaction are a few. Great for employee appreciation and regular scheduled events!


Want to learn how to give an easy massage? Learn how to work out those problem areas on any partner you'd like! 

-45 min on each partner 

Massage Therapy & Wellness

Full body Swedish massage solely focusing on relaxing. (Light, medium and/or deep pressure can be used.) 

-75 min

-105 min

Parties & Events


Duo Massage

Thumper massager -10 min

Hot/cold therapy -10-12 min

Meditation (guided or unguided) -10-15 min

Danielle J. Pukala, LMT, BCTM, CES